Saturday, August 9, 2003

Path: LA-4

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LA-4 Lapalme Lake / Lac Lapalme
August 9, 2003


Now that I was used to camping, I decided to do a quick overnight trip, my destination only 80 km away. Leaving the island through Laval’s suburbs was an experience as it was a very confusing trail system. I encountered many other cyclists as I passed by small villages and farmland. Less than five hours later, I was setting up my tent at Ste-Anne-des-Plaines campground; basically a summer trailer park. It suited my purposes fine: it was cheap, there was a small store to buy groceries, I could take a hot shower and my lot was sheltered by evergreens.

I set off soon after to find my lake. First, I went too far and had to double back. I then spent some time following a trail by a river, circling and lost. I finally emerged from 20 foot high reeds, and thick orange mud into someone’s backyard. I followed another trail and found the road where I started. I soon realized that the lake, almost a large pond, was in fact, accessible from the road. I had been bushwacking for nothing. The lake was out in the open and I was conscious that it was on private property. I hid by a bush to take my photos in the round. There were ducks on the water.



That night, back at the campsite, I read Thoreau’s Walden. Seemed appropriate. I slept soundly and woke up in the middle of the night in a rain storm. My tent was dry inside but the next morning at 9:00 AM it was still raining. I decided to pack up and go nonetheless. I was soon soaked to the bone with mud on my legs, in my hair, the back of my neck and along my back, even in my teeth. However, it was quite peaceful on the trails and a warm day despite the rain, so I kind of enjoyed the experience. I got into a good cycling rhythm and actually missed the Laval stop, continuing to Boisbriand (I will be going on a similar ride when I document LA-3. The more I gain experience, the less I will get lost). On the way back I took the Parc Linéaire des Basses Laurentides. I believe it leads all the way to Mont Tremblant.

Day 1 – August 1, 2003


Time Location Trip Odometer Moving Time Stopped Max Speed Moving Average

Depart: 10:30
Fruits et legumes, Montée St-François, Laval
N 45°37'854"
W 73°39'661"
20.2 km 1:08 19 min 40.1k/h 17.7k/h
Stop: 1:00 Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines
N 45°45'844"
W 73°48'662"
55.8 km 3:00 55 min 43.4k/h 18.6k/h
Camping Lac des Plaines
N 45°45'376"
W 73°48'886"
63.3 km 3:28 1:37   18.2k/h
Got lost.
N 45°49'643"
W 73°52'377"
74.6 km 4:03 1:51   18.3k/h
N 45°49'891"
W 73°49'530"
80.4 km 4:42 2:10   17.1k/h


Day 2 – August 2, 2003


Time Location Trip Odometer Moving Time Stopped Max Speed Moving Average
Chemin de la Côte St. Pierre, Parc Linéaire des Basses Laurentides 101 km 5:43 2:17 43.4k/h 17.7k/h
N 45°39'123"
W 75°50'771"
N 45°35'776"
W 73°50'440"
129 km 7:11 2:35   17.9k/h
  170 km 9:22     18.1k/h


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