Monday, April 25, 2011

Story: Lake Huron / Lac Huron

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Lake Huron: 44.8N -82.4W

Morgan James Hanam via form
Sydney, Nova Scotia - April 25, 2011

Coordinates: 44.8 -82.4

Where I lived as a child in Kincardine, Ontario, we were very close to a beach on Lake Huron. The Huron is important to me because it was the first major body of water that I was aware of. Its recession from the shore at the time (getting shallower and shallower each year) eventually made me aware that it had originally been over where my house was abutting a low cliff past the top of our subdivision — so that I became aware of deep time and geology at the tender age of seven.

I had many adventures along the shore — one I remember distinctly was in winter, the ice floes had piled up along the shore very thickly that year and extended out several dozen yards. I made my way out to the outermost floes and literally skipped along at the edge of the ice. This was a joyous act of daring but thinking back on it now I was very lucky.



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