Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Story: Rawka Stream / Ruisseau Rawka

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Rawka Stream: 50.276937N, 19.024086W

Moniczka via form
Halifax, Nova Scotia - May 18, 2011

Coordinates: 50.276937N, 19.024086
Waypoints: Industrial area, nearest town is Katowice, Poland
Other names: Rawa, Roździanka (1737)

The story is about a stream that ran behind my grandmother's house. As a child I remember walking on a small roughly made bridge that crossed it. I always hesitated however because my mother always made a point to tell me to be very careful when playing by that stream. Years later, my mother told me a story of how she almost drowned in that very stream. She was walking alone near the edge and slipped. Thankfully one of the neighbors was looking out her window and ran to help; she jumped in and saved my mom. I always loved how my grandmother ended that story; the neighbor ripped her stockings in this ordeal and my grandmother had bought her a new pair. Sadly, the stream was filled over in recent years.



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